Quality Solutions for Premier Organizations.

Bringing decades of experience to provide solutions that meet customer requirements.

Our focus is to combine provide products, software, and services into single offering.

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We offer various banking automation technologies and managed services.

Our solutions focuses on automating the front and back office operations of the bank for both on-site (branches) and off-site (ATM sites or bank’s clients).

We combine hardware, software, and services into a single offering. As a result, our value proposition is being able to provide banks with satisfactory results such as a guaranteed uptime of ATMs and other products and systems........


We started our telecom business unit over 2 decades ago. Since then, ABANA’s experience expanded from providing telecom equipment to managed services.

We specialize in providing telecom-related technical services anywhere in the Kingdom.

We have hundreds of telecom engineers that can readily be dispatched anywhere in the Kingdom through its 21 service centers. This allows us to offer responsive time-to-market and on-site response time.......


We are bringing its decades of success in the banking and telecom sectors into the retail market.

We provide solutions for the front office and back office operations from banknote solutions, managing customer queues, to tailored products and solutions to fulfil customer requirements'.

Our network of 21 service centers is ideal for retailers, government institutions, health care providers, and other business entities who have multiple branches throughout Kingdom-wide........

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