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Glory’s GFS-220 banknote counter improves operational efficiency with superior speed, fitness analysis, and authentication. Multi-currency value count, detailed counterfeit analysis, and optical character recognition are all available features. Local presentation of banknote information on a large touchscreen display, plus remote access for data capture and system update provides an enterprise-ready solution.



·         INTUITIVE AND ERGONOMIC - GFS-220 has been designed with ease of use in mind. The graphical user interface provides guidance throughout note processing. The large touch screen is supplemented by physical buttons programmable for frequently used functions.


·         EASY ACCESS FOR SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE - The GFS-220 has been designed to ensure easy access to the entire note transport path, allowing quick and easy maintenance, meaning minimal downtime.


·         MULTI-CURRENCY PROCESSING GFS-220 can process up to 40 different currencies – all at the same time, on the same device. The ideal solution for countries where multiple currencies are used and customer deposits need to be verified quickly and efficiently.


·         ADVANCED DETECTION CAPABILITIES - High-performance sensors for fitness sorting, classleading counterfeit detection and counting speeds up to 1,200 notes per minute will dramatically increase the productivity of your staff, allowing them more time for customer-service centric tasks.


·         HIGH SPEED AND FLEXIBLE MODES OF OPERATION - GFS-220 can count, sort, authenticate, fitness check and read banknote serial numbers.


·         CONTINUOUS AND UNINTERUPTED PROCESSING - GFS-220 continuously counts, sorts and authenticates banknotes, while rejecting suspect and unwanted notes to a separate reject pocket. This means that there’s no need to stop processing notes and efficiency is greatly improved.



2-pocket banknote counting and counterfeit detecting machine

The iH-110 can accurately count banknotes and safely detect counterfeits all at high speed operations.


Full color image with Dual CIS 

  • Serial number recognition and comparison
  • Counts multi and mix currencies
  • Highly convenient and easy operation
  • Load up to 20 different currencies, 10 currencies as a standard
  • Upgradeable software for new currencies and counterfeit
  • Provided with 10 currencies as standard 

Plus P-409A

The P-409A currency counting machine offers durability and self-cleaning functionality. 

  • Automatic counting function without counterfeit detector
  • Alarm function, Preset function
  • Add function, Self-cleaning by air
  • Dust collection device optional customer display, etc
  • Counting speed of 100notes/4sec.


The ST-350 model is a multi-currency and high speed sorting machine that is ideal for cash centers and other retailers where bulk of banknotes needs to be sorted.

  • Denomination Sorting – assigned stacker's of corresponding money types.
  • Fitness Sorting – Reducing damaged-bank note issues and ATM downtime.
  • Orientation Sorting – sorting by face/non-face & orientation.
  • Display 7 inch Full Color LCD - Touch Screen, Embedded OS (Windows CE)
  • Counting and sorting speed
  • 1,000 notes per minute, Value Counting
  • 700 notes per minute, Fitness Sorting
  • 500 notes per minute
  • Hopper Capacity - 600 Notes
  • 3 Stacker Capacity x  200 Notes
  • Reject Pocket Capacity - 100 Notes
  • 3 pockets & 1 reject pocket
  • 3 currencies as standard
  • Max currencies 10 


A compact, efficient and accurate banknote sorter, the USF-200 effortlessly handles large volumes of notes significantly improving your cash handling processes, performance and productivity of your staff. Its low noise emissions make it ideally suited to the branch environment.



·         Superior banknote detection and authentication capabilities

·         Smallest footprint in its class

·         Quiet operation

·         Innovative design

·         USF-200 can be incorporated into both front and back office teller workstations within the bank branch, without impacting on the available desktop space:

o   Highly efficient: USF-200 enables tellers to perform quicker cash transactions compared to any of its predecessors, with its improved processing speed.  In addition, banknotes are immediately ready for recycling in a single pass, whereas usual 1+1 value counters require a second run.

o   Proven reliability: USF-200 brings peace of mind and user comfort to both tellers and customers through its low noise emissions and user-friendly and intuitive features.

UW-F Series

The UW-F Series banknote sorters consistently provide the highest levels of authentication and fitness sorting while keeping your operational costs down. They offer you maximum flexibility with true modularity in a choice of 4 configurations designed for high volume banknote processing, today and into the future.


  • Fast, accurate and efficient banknote recognition and authentication
  • Large capacity hopper with feed assist for continuous and reliable large-volume processing
  • Large colour touch-screen, user-friendly operation and maintenance