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Our next generation currency exchange solution termed as “E- Exchange Services (EES)” is one of ABANA’s state of art in house developed solution. ABANA has an expert team for software development managing all such request. The said solution includes a lucrative display of currency exchange rates in the branch. Having digitalized supports helps in automating the currency exchange and provides real time currency rates handling. 

Our solution includes state of art smart embedded players bundled with customized currency exchange solution. Our solution supports remote support for managing exchange rates from central location.

It’s a web based solution and provides bank with the luxury and flexibility of displaying exchange rate, promotional contents such as text, graphics and images. It makes it very easy to customize banks layout and corporate themes via html page.

The web media solution provides banks with great flexibility of displaying exchange rate, video, text or graphics. Manage your own design, layout and color scheme through an html page. 

The solution will be designed to synchronize real-time foreign exchange data from a central source. The web media application will periodically poll for the updates in a configurable interval.

ABANA E – Exchange Services EES

Exchange Rate Board

The Exchange Rate Board is a must-have display board for banks, money exchange, and other financial institutions.

Features Overview:

  • Infrared remote control keyboard.
  • Built-in RS-232 C port for connection to PC.
  • Built-in Timer, auto ON/OFF.
  • Self-testing function.
  • Easy operation and installation
  • With moving message sign to display English or Arabic messages
  • Special printing of company’s logo can be customized
  • Available in any number of rows and columns

Strapping Machine

The TP-203 is a mid-sized semi-auto machine.

Features Overview:

  • Mid-sized model
  • High engineering standard and simple design
  • Easy operation, simple maintenance
  • Hinged stainless steel top plate
  • Rigid castors with brake
  • Energy efficient, motor only runs as needed
  • Reliable PC board electric control
  • Smoke-exhaustion system


Mercury TP-702 is a world-class high-speed automatic strapping machine.  The in-novative features and superior performance give Mercury TP-702 a voice to speak for itself.  It offers you the maximum value with the minimum cost. So little to pay and yet so much to get.
In this category, we have three models to meet your various needs:
High-speed automatic P.P. strapping machine Mercury TP-702
High-speed automatic P.P. strapping machine with dual press Mercury TP-702P High-speed automatic P.P. strapping machine for small or round package Mercury TP-702RS

UV Scanner

The Kobell UV Counterfeit Detector BANKSCAN SUPER model is equipped with two powerful UV tubes mounted overhead. The high aperture and light excluding cover allow large bundles of bank notes to be examined at one time. Fanning out the notes by hand inside the opening of the BANKSCAN SUPER and directly underneath the two powerful UV tubes immediately and clearly reveals the presence of possible counterfeit bills.

A wide slot at the rear of the unit allows the user to pass a full (A4 size) document under the lights for examination.

Intended for use where speed is essential and large quantities of banknotes need to be examined in bundles to detect counterfeit notes easily.

Features Overview:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Space efficient
  • Durable (All metal-frame)