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Customer Data Manager

This component allows creating a Form on the device and the customer can fill-in a DATAENTRY while the signing documents are prepared.

Customer Feedback

This module allows to collect in real-time the instant customer’s feedback about the quality of the service offered (Customer Satisfaction) at the counter.

ENsign 10 Signature Pad

The ENsign10 signature pad by EURONOVATE is the ideal solution for digitalization of the business processes which require electronic signature of documents (bank contracts, insurance policies, receipts, etc. ), with the same legal validity of the signature on paper.

ENsign10 allows signing on the screen by a very close experience to the paper and detects 1024 pressure levels (one of the highest of this field) which assures an optimal quality and accuracy of the gathered data.

Moreover, the brand new ENsign 11 Multi Touch (offered optionally) combines the traditional EMR technology for signing with the touch capabilities for browsing the PDF document by fingers, which improves significantly the user experience.

Additionally, it can also be used as a new means of marketing communication towards customers, allowing displaying ''in-store'' of customizable multimedia content (promotional messages, video clips, slide shows, web pages) and the customer interaction with the display for updating personal data, instant feedbacks about the quality of service, etc. Below are some instances of same.

Digital Signage

It allows to display multimedia contents (photos, videos, web pages etc..) on the signature pad when not used for signing. 

Product Overview:

 Electronic signature pads are likely growing demand both in bank as well as retail set up globally. Electronic signature solution is ideal solution for digitalization of business process which requires signature. This solution helps in managing electronic signature of documents with same legal validity of signature on paper.

 This device can help organization to automate their current paper procedure such as account opening, Bank contracts (Credit card and personal financing etc.), Remittance receipts, Insurance policies etc.

 Most importantly for organizations working on digitalization and paper less initiative, this product will be a necessary ingredient for all such initiatives and would also help is significant cost savings on paper work management.

 Electronic Signature Pad main features are described below:

  • Hand-written signature made on a screen capturing graphic image and biometric data (such as pressure, speed, rhythm, acceleration, movement).
  • Legal validity of signed documents as evidence in legal proceedings and biometric data for authenticating signatures with the same guarantees as signatures on paper.
  • Multi-device signature capture modules, on both desktop/display environments with digitalizing tablets as well as mobility with tablets, smartphones and digital pens.
  • Set of tools for encrypting, extracting biometric data and authenticating signatures.