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Deposit Automation

Deposit Automation:

Saudi Arabia is amongst the countries that has intense cash in circulation. Despite having alternate payment channels cash still remains one of the widely used means of payments for transactions such as trade, purchase etc. 

Having intense circulation of notes provides greater demand for notes handling. One of the key areas is deposit automation. 

Currently in the kingdom deposit automation has been widely used for various purposes such as cash deposit at corporate customer location with real time deposit to bank accounts, similarly this solution has been applied within various branch premises to have self service deposit for walk in customers usually small and medium enterprise representatives SME’s. Also it has been widely used as self service deposit channel for individual customers. The usage of deposit automation is not limited to these and has wide variety of customizations to fit in as per customer requirement. 

Challenges in manual cash handling process

Costly and time consuming cash processing

Reconciliation issues (variance on receipts and cash on hand)

Cash take days before it is credited to client’s bank account. 

Security concerns on cash storage at various locations. 

Cash handling becomes staffs main focus instead of core business

ABANA Deposit Automation is deployed in different scenarios: 

Corporate customer location deployment offers remote deposit facility to banks corporate customers with intense cash traffic to credit funds directly from their premises. 

Self service deposit for banks retail walk-in customers. 

Retailers can install the device standalone or integrated with their core application. 

ABANA Bulk Deposit Solution (BDM):

Solution overview:

ABANA Bulk deposit solution is a unique mix of state of the art deposit machine from Glory Global Solution and ABANA in house developed application.

The uniqueness that adds value to our solution is based on the entire solution development tailored to fit in local requirement. 

Winning feature of ABANA solution:

  Tailored solution 

  Highly flexible and customizable

  Build based on best practices (Local and Global)

  Easy to deploy and use

  End to end solution (Including CMS, FLM & SLM) 

Simple and secure replenishment process



Provides real time, secure, high-speed and easy cash acceptance and authentication at customers offices

Wide range of products to match end customer requirement both based on the volume and type of notes.