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Providing responsive time-to-market and after-sales support.

ABANA’s service capabilities has been developed and being continuously developed to respond to the changing and diverse market requirements.

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Cash Management Services

We offer our customers with comprehensive Cash Management Services (CMS) including Cash-in-Transit (CIT) Services, Cash Processing Services, ATM Services including Callout and First Level Maintenance (FLM) Services.

We are bringing into the Cash Management industry its extensive experience working in the financial sector and cash systems for over 30 years. 

We work closely with our customers to provide tailor-made solutions that meets the customers’ requirements and that of the regulators too.

We have invested in the deployment of advanced and efficiently designed facilities and vehicles; utilizing the best of the  cash processing solutions; addressing employees’ skills and competencies by hiring experienced and qualified staff and making them go through  the comprehensive training programs; and putting in place processes and procedures to ensure high standards and consistent level of services.


Cash in Transit Services             

Our vehicles are well equipped with one of the robust vehicle access control systems, seven cameras and the best of the GPS tracking system to ensure that all the valuables in transit are well secured.  Our staff have undergone a rigorous selection process, and we have selected the people with track record of honesty and integrity. 

Services being offered:

  • Inter-branch Collections /Deliveries
  • SAMA Branches Deposits/Withdrawals
  • Collection / Delivery to Corporate Customers
  • Cheque Collection / Delivery


Cash Processing

We are licensed to operate a multi-bank cash management center.  Being a supplier and service provided of cash management solutions such as counting, orientation, sorting  and packing  of banknotes  to the banks  and their customers, you can re-assure that we will utilize the most sophisticated, and recent models of cash processing solutions in our operations. In addition, our well trained and experienced in-house Engineers will ensure that our equipment and machines are up and running to the maximum possible time to ensure high uptime.

Services being offered:

  • Counting, faced and orientated, issue split
  • Quality sorting of notes (unfit, fit, ATM fit)
  • Out sorting of Suspected Notes
  • Packets tidily into 100 Bank notes
  • 10 packets (1000 Bank Notes) per unit are packed with PVC Strapping material to make a bundle
  • Handling account of corporate customers and advise their bank to credit their accounts
  • Coin Counting and Reporting Reconciliation


ATM Services

Our ATM services is an essential service to ensuring that ATMs are available to the customers for most of the time.

We also ensure that ATMs are functioning well by making sure that consumables are available, performing basic maintenance services and, for sophisticated technical issues, calling up the ATM service provider for the maintenance services.

Replenishment services include:

  • Pre packing of ATM Cassettes
  • Cash replenishment
  • Clear Cards
  • Clear cash
  • Clear deposits
  • Journal roll replacement
  • Receipt roll replacement
  • Ribbons replacement
  • Carry out test transactions
  • Closing and re-activating ATMs
  • Verify deposits
  • Maintain adequate supplies of consumables in the "ATM”


Call out and First Line Maintenance

We supply and maintain ourATMs in the market. Our staff are well trained to handle and perform basic maintenance services to ATMs regardless whether it’s supplied by ABANA or any other vendor. 

Services being offered:

  • Equipment failure
  • Card path jam
  • Printer failure
  • Communication failure
  • Dispenser failure


Our Value Proposition

  • ABANA - a trusted name in the banking supplier and service provision industry.
  • 40 years of experience in the banking industry
  • Executive management has hands-on experience and an innovative outlook on future strategies.
  • Known for quality of services. (ISO 9001 certified entity since 2007)
  • Have been an ATM vendor for one of the leading brands for over 10 years.
  • Managed to secure one of the very few  cash transportation licenses in KSA
  • Track record of investment in, and successful implementation/operation of, automated solutions to the  banking  industry
  • Management team with a proven track record for start-up CIT and cash management business solutions in the region.
  • Flexible tailor made service offering
  • One stop innovative service offering
  • State-of-the-art  Central Command and Control Center (CCCC)
  • State-of-the-art Cash Center
  • Well established processes, procedures, and monitoring and control systems
  • High-end cash processing systems & solutions with in-house technical service specialists – over 20 years in servicing cash processing systems and equipment