Customizing and Integrating Applications into Business Operations.

Designing and engineering applications tailored to customer requirements.

ABANA’s in-house software development team has decades of experience working on various applications including core banking applications.

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omni. easy. open.
The fastest way to an omnichannel customer experience – even in multivendor ATM environments.


In the emerging omnichannel banking environment, it is vital that banks offer their customers an enhanced user experience. With ProFlex4, the new multivendor ATM software, banks can modernize and optimize their ATM user interfaces using the latest web technology. 

Moreover, new service concepts – such as cash withdrawals using a smart phone instead of a bank card, or personalized user interfaces – are easy to implement with ProFlex4. Thus banks can position themselves as modern financial service providers and allow consumers to make withdrawals much faster.

True to its motto ‘omni. easy. open.’ the omnichannel solution can be deployed easily and cost-effectively and is open to multivendor operation. Banks can use it themselves to add up-to-date new offers to their ATMs and design individual user interfaces, or they can turn to Wincor Nixdorf's Software and Professional Services for development and integration. Either way, ProFlex4 opens up a new world of opportunities for banks to reach customers across all touch-points – swiftly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Self-Service Applications

Tap into great savings potential through proven multivendor technology and offer your customers a wide variety of innovative self-service functions.


ProClassic is a collection of self-service applications for the deployment of information terminals, ATMs and deposit systems which include the modules out of the ProTopas/Suite and the ProCash Multivendor Applications. By using the industry-standard CEN/XFS all ProClassic applications can be deployed on different vendor’s hardware supporting this standard. The vendor-independent nature of ProClassic reduces operational costs normally attributed to managing different versions of existing ATM software. 

ProClassic modules can be used in different projects:

  • As development framework in projects that develops self-service solutions
  • As platform for projects that implement pre-fabricated self-service modules (e. g. Cash-In, Check-In, Top-Up)
  • As applications with implemented host-access that can be quickly deployed in existing self-service networks such as NDC/DDC/IFX/ISO/TDC

As a platform for the integration of Third Party Software

The ProTopas/Suite combines the benefits separation of standard modules and individually developed modules. Pre-fabricated applications allow fast delivery of standard self-service terminal functionality. The openness of ProTopas/Suite allows the liberation from limited capabilities, giving the opportunity to offer rich content and enhanced functionality to the ATM user.

The ProCash Multivendor Applications are designed for easy integration into open-standard-based self-service networks such as IFX and ISO as well as into existing vendor-specific host environments such as NDC(+), Diebold 91x, GATE, PBM and TDC.

Highlights and Benefits

  • All ProClassic applications can be deployed on different vendor’s hardware supporting the industry-standard CEN/XFS
  • High degree of flexibility through pre-fabricated software components and open architecture
  • Web-bases client applications with an attractive terminal user interface
  • Flexible development framework
  • Easy integration into existing NDC (+), Diebold 91x, IFX, ISO, PBM host environments.

Transaction Services

Tap huge savings potential and offer innovative functions for your customers with net-centric thin client structures.


PC/E Self-Service is a state-of-the-art software solution that enables integration of the self-service channel in multichannel architectures.

The solution is specially tailored to the needs and requirements of the self-service channel and comprises various software components.

These provide services required in the self-service environment (such as account queries and cash dispensing). Thanks to the net-centric solution, these services cannot only be integrated quickly, but utilized across different channels.

PC/E Self-Service is multi-vendor software that offers your institution a client/server architecture supporting both fat and smart clients. It also enables a smooth migration if you want to switch to an intelligent, server-based architecture.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Investment protection thanks to smooth migration - even with fat clients
  • Multivendor Software (XFS) with standardized protocols and interfaces
  • Transfer of processes and functions to the central server
  • Centralized configuration, steering and monitoring of the self-service systems
  • Simplified, uniform processes and channel integration
  • Fast provision of new functions, regardless of changes to the background systems (e.g. introduction of deposit systems)
  • New functions need only be implemented once and can be utilized across different channels
  • SOA-compliant thanks to re-usable components and functions