Customizing and Integrating Applications into Business Operations.

Designing and engineering applications tailored to customer requirements.

ABANA’s in-house software development team has decades of experience working on various applications including core banking applications.

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PC/E Cash Cycle Optimizer

Benefit from transparent and optimized processes throughout the cash cycle.


PC/E Cash Cycle Optimizer (PC/E CCO) is a solution for efficient cash supply chain optimization. 

It handles the entire process – from automatic cash orders and the provision of cash at the cash center to order monitoring for cash-in-transit (CIT / CVIT) companies and forwarding of posting data to the back office.

PC/E Cash Cycle Optimizer provides demand forecasting and planning methods that drive even the most complex cash supply chain processes, including note and coin recycling, synchronized branch planning, multi-currency integration and CIT capacity planning. 

The solution is based on a flexible and configurable set of high-performance algorithms for cash demand/supply forecasting and operations planning.

With those highly advanced algorithms and tightly integrated workflows for cash operations and branch optimization, it enables maximum automation and efficiency in controlling cash levels and replenishments of ATMs and cash recyclers as well as branch and service provider cash management. 

The solution consists of a set of modules tailored to the needs of financial institutions and service providers. These modules allow for a scalable solution, beginning with simple, basic workflows for cash management all the way to a highly automated E2E cash supply chain solution, including tracking and tracing, cash center optimization and CIT tours. 

The key benefits are substantial savings in tangible external cash handling costs as well as increased internal efficiency.

Highlights and Benefits

Reduced costs thanks to cash processes that are optimized across branch networks

Low cash inventories and lower CiT costs thanks to demand-based replenishment cycles and volumes

Constant availability of self-service systems guarantees customer satisfaction and loyalty

More safety for bank staff thanks to reduced contact with money

Greater security as a result of CiT order monitoring and automatic alarms

Transparency across cash processes thanks to monitoring and reporting documentation

ProView Monitoring and Incident Management Suite

Monitor and manage your self-service network consistently and effectively.


ProView is our standalone monitoring solution, which enables centralized management and ongoing monitoring of your entire self-service network.

Real-time remote monitoring ensures you get an up-to-the-minute overview of the device status of all your self-service systems, regardless of their vendor. The software products support the entire management process, from the generation of fault messages through to the creation of reports. Detailed status information enables precise diagnoses, both to prevent device errors and to provide technicians with specific information and instructions in the event of a system error. The journal and log files generated by the systems provide meaningful statistics and reports. What's more, software updates and new software can be distributed centrally to all the connected systems.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Enhanced availability thanks to the fast detection and precise reporting of errors means greater customer satisfaction
  • Reliable protection against attempted fraud at self-service systems
  • Time and cost savings thanks to centralized administration and fewer service calls
  • Pared-down, meaningful analyses based on a comprehensive data pool
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces


  • Event monitoring: transaction, error and status messages; warnings
  • Remote operation
  • Device queries, e.g. counter readings
  • Service management and ticketing
  • Job management
  • File transfer
  • Statistics and reports
  • Software distribution
  • Variable views (user interface)